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Developing Social and Emotional Skills


Play a game or do a jigsaw with someone you live with that encourages turn taking.

It is important to teach children that they won't always win and to say well done or clap anyone who does win.

If your child has not won the game and is upset this is a normal response and an important part of learning.  Encourage them to come and do something that distracts them and let them know that you enjoyed playing with them and would like to play the game again another time.  You never know what will happen next time.

If your child wins the game, say well done and move on.  If they boast about winning for a prolonged time encourage them to move on to change the subject, as this could upset other children.  This is also an important part of their development- taking into account others feelings.


The Feelings Song

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How do you feel today?  Can you talk to someone in your family about why you feel this way?  Whether happy or sad, worried or excited, have a hug with someone for your family.


How do you feel today?


Watch the song from yesterday and think about how you feel.  Can you draw a picture of your face and how you are feeling?


Parents- please do this activity along side your child, talking about your feelings and do a drawing to model the activity and discussion.


Send your child's picture through the Tapestry app of what they have drawn and how they are feeling.



Draw a picture for someone in your house and give it to them with a smile and a hug.  Well done, you have just made someones day.