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Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum plans can be found in the class pages of the website Class pages.

We follow the National Curriculum for England which is taught in all local authority maintained schools. A copy of this can be found here The National Curriculum.


Key Curriculum Principles

Stoke understands that building the process of learning for, and with, our children is the precursor to successful progress.

All aspects of our curricular intent start with immersing our children in a system that they can own, grow and progress within.

Underpinning all aspects of learning throughout Stoke is the inclusion of Characteristics of Effective Learning from the EYFS guidance.  The structure and purpose these provide for learning ethos are acknowledged and applied across school as an inclusive part of school culture, topic planning as drivers of lifelong learning attitudes.

Stoke respects that each child has a unique character, background and story, that our principles and learning systems must cater for.  This mechanism will ensure that every child who attends Stoke is supported to grow in readiness for next steps, new challenges and their ongoing education.


Curriculum Implementation

The planning of curriculum at Stoke primarily focuses on immersive topics.  These build the opportunities to harness foundation subjects, skills and knowledge to strengthen the application of core subject skills.  Through clearly defined learning intentions, Stoke provides high-quality lessons and learning experiences, rich in context that build the framework for learning.

Stoke recognises that some elements of the curriculum are best delivered discretely.  These aspects are grouped into discrete topic periods.

To ensure learning can be responsive we hold special one off topics such as “Never Taught before“ topic or themed whole school /phase topics.  These provide good opportunities for whole school moderation and evaluation.

At all points during the planning and teaching process,  we ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of all children regardless of any Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and that suitable adaptations are made. Further information can be found in our SEND information report and SEND Policy.


Long Term Planning

Each half term every year group has an overarching theme which is split into shorter topics. Topics are designed to be three weeks long, with each and every immersive topic building to an outcome for the children.  The long term plan identifies the topics that will be taught in each year group throughout the year.  The plan also allows for flexible topics which target areas of need or interest based on the specific characteristics of each cohort.


Curriculum Assessment

Core subjects are assessed termly, a process supported by use of NfER Summative assessments and past SATs documentation.  Teachers RAG progress and engagement mid term to analyse the rate of progress and likelihood of each child achieving the next assessment step.

Foundation subjects are assessed at the culmination of a topic or discrete sequence of learning.  This process ensures Stoke maintains the full breadth of the curriculum and any gaps or weaknesses can be addressed.



Stoke has a high level of in year transience.  To support new children, Stoke has a Mobility Pathway.  This robustly assesses children at the point of entry.  This process informs the wider staff team of a child’s needs and next steps through red, amber or green routes to enable new children to access and engage with the full curriculum at the first opportunity.



Stoke is proud of its multicultural community and we proactively seek to celebrate local traditions and those within our diverse communities.  By immersing children in their topics they are able to bring their rich experiences from across the world to our learning journey.