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Read the information about deserts. On the map, locate the world's deserts.

Answer these questions:

-Which hemispheres are they located in?

-What is the largest desert in the world?

-What is the smallest desert in the world?


Research information about the animal you would like to write a fact file about. Find as much information as you can so that you can write different sections about it.

Thursday & Friday

Over the next 2 days, choose which desert art work you would like to create from the document below. Please take photos of your completed work.


Have a go at the Wasps lessons:

As part of PE, there is a Go Parks competition. We would like you to visit your local park (Stoke Heath or St Margaret's Skate Park) where you will find a banner and a QR code for you to scan. This will earn points for the school and potential prizes. After you have visited the park, please draw a picture of the park and describe what it means to you. Entries must be emailed in by Friday 5th February.