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This week our theme is 'Winter Wonderland'.  In (or out of ) school we are going to get outside and talk about winter.  We will be learning words to do with winter and the weather.  We will be talking about how we feel in winter and how we know it is winter, as well as the things that we can do in winter and how they are different to spring or summer.


Friday- Theme task

Look at the picture of the tree, question your child (what is the same, what is different? what season is it? how do you know?)


Watch the video about seasons, talk to your child about the differences between summer and winter (stop the video and refer back). 

"My favourite season is summer because I love to go to the seaside and walk on the soft, warm sand and make a sandcastle. In winter I cannot go to the seaside due to the cold weather". Miss Dulai

Task- Draw a picture of a summer or winter (parents please annotate what your child says on their paper) Talk to your child about how it is different to summer/winter. 

Email this to Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk



Thursday- Theme task

Talk about why we wear warm clothes in winter?  What clothing items do we wear to keep warm when we are outside?  Use the summer and winter sheet in your pack and cut out the clothing items to sort which ones we wear in summer and which we wear in winter, then send a photo in to show us how you got on.  (Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk)

On Wednesday, go out for a winter walk.  Have a look at the winter hunt task and see how many of the items you can see on your walk. Take a photo of something wintery you have spotted and send it into the teachers.