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Communication and Listening Skills

Monday and Tuesday


Ask your child to help you find 10 items to put on the table/ tray.  Count them together.

It could be things like a pencil, an orange, some cotton wool, a toy etc..


Ask your child to look carefully at them for about thirty seconds. Then cover them with a towel or blanket and ask them to call out what they remember.


Another way of playing the game is to cover the things, take one thing away and ask the child to spot what is missing. You can put more things on the tray as they get better.



Please send in your observations into tapestry (its as simple as sending and email or posting on social media)



After watching the video, think about what sounds you can hear in your home, or when you go for a walk.

Phase 1 Phonics with Maddison and Felix - Environmental Sounds

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Watch Wednesdays video again and then play the game below.