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Book Week 7th October 2013

I hope you have all had a safe and brilliant week.


The commencing of book week started on 7th October 2013. This was an exhilarating week for everyone because there were lots of fun and games and different people came to visit us. Each year group chose an author and they read a book that he or she wrote. Also before school, children were able to have breakfast and enjoy an exciting book with their parents.


During book week a man came in to tell us stories and afterwards we drew pictures to say what had happened in them. We really enjoyed these!

Also throughout book week a man who plays African drums came in to show and tell us which instruments he had. He also told us the names of his instruments in African and showed us how to play them. I was amazed by all the different sounding drums he had and I was shocked when I found that there is over one hundred different drums in Africa! It was exciting for everyone.


As if that wasn’t enough a lady came in to teach us some break dancing moves and it was really cool!!


On Friday, the last day of the week, we were able to dress up as our favourite book character. The whole school dressed up. Some of these costumes were Harry Potter, Where’s Wally and many more. Even the Teachers dressed up! To sum up Book week, years three to four went to the Stoke library and years five and six went to the Central library in Town. Whilst we were in the library we were able to purchase books from our own library if we wanted to. At the end of the day years one to six came into the hall to see whose costumes were best out of each year. Book week was a very exciting and fun week for everyone!


By Simrat Kali-Rai