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Being Eco-Friendly - What does is mean?

Environmentally / Eco Friendly – How we live our life affects our environment.

To most of us, being environmentally or eco friendly means not wasting the earths precious resources, choosing goods and services that are considered to have a lower impact on the environment.

An example of this may be driving a car with a smaller, more fuel efficient engine. This may not produce the same level of exhaust gases as a bigger engined car would. It would be even better if we all drove electric cars, as these produce zero exhaust gases as we drive them.

Nearly all the things we buy have been made with processes that affect the environment. Plastic bottles that we drink from, crisp and sandwich packets that we eat from. The amount of impact that we all have on the environment is call our carbon footprint.

We can calculate what our carbon footprint is and make efforts to reducing this.