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Artefacts courtesy of Mrs Daniels

1. Gas mask in cannister

2. Clogs made by a prisoner of war

3. Bugle used by a soldier

4. Winstone Churchill with president eisenhower firing a 'Tommy' gun

5. A piece of a tail from a Lancaster Bomber these were painted usually of a famous singer /actress. This plane I believe was shot down

6.Piece of embroidery that was done by wife /girlfriend

(back of tail from plane)

7. ARP whistle

8. Tin hat worn by soldier

9.artillety shell found in the trenches engraved by soldiers to pass the time

10. Door knocker, British bull dog. On the door of a member of ARP or Home guard

11. Old hand grenade found in the trenches

Last pic not sure you can see is actually engraved with the date 1945 Pamphlet bag used by motorcycle riders. Very dangerous job.