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Amazing Events - Tim Peake

As the world follows the amazing experiments and journey of Tim Peake in the International Space Station, our Year 1 pupils took part in a Space Day on Thursday 11th February. Read our story below.


Year 1 children have been learning all about space in the spring English unit. They have been writing stories about space adventures and how to make space biscuits. The children took part in an amazing space day on Thursday 11th February where they came to school dressed up as astronauts, rockets, aliens and planets. During this action packed day the children successfully completed space missions around rocket firing, rocket building, star constellations, cooking and the best part making a giant Tim Peake model. 


Staff at Stoke Primary School then tweeted a picture of their children's amazing work to Tim up on the international space station on the evening of Monday 22nd February. Then something out of this world happened, Tim Peake replied and re-tweeted it. 


The children and staff were so excited by this on Tuesday morning and honoured that Tim Peake found the time to look at their work. 


Teacher's Miss Ingram and Miss Collins had no idea that this was going to happen, when they posted the picture on twitter. 


Children from the school aged 5 and 6 have said - 


'I think it would be cool to just float about in space' 

'I think he might explore a new planet' 

'I would be cool to live in space because you can do tricks'

'I like it most because he can float around in space because their is no gravity'

'I think he is a very talented astronaut'

'You get to explore loads of stuff'


The children are now going to finish this topic by learning out what life is like on the International Space Station to write a non-fiction guide to space book.

Year 1 Space Project and Tweets

Coventry and Warwickshire Free Radio Report 24th February 2016

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