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3GB Assembly



                             By Jim Bob
On the 13th January, there was an extraordinary assembly by 3GB about their learning in English, Science and in Thematic.


In English, they wrote a beautiful story explaining the unfortunate events which occurred on 24 August 79 AD. In Science, they were learning about the different rocks. They said about the volcanic rocks that spewed out of the top of Mount Vesuvius. In theme, they learned about the time line from the Stone Age to the Romans.

All the information was very factual and was very clear.
They looked like they enjoyed it and their work in all 3 subjects was faultless. They all went on a trip to Creswell Crags to learn about the way of life in the Stone Age. They even created a fire.

 Thank you to all the parents that turned up. I’m sure I speak for 3GB saying THANK YOU!!

Everyone who got to watch it, were amazed.