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2Ms Assembly on the 26th September 2014

On the 26th September 2014 Mrs Maguire’s class in year 2 were ready and raring to go for their amazing assembly on transport.


They started off by explaining about all of the different types of transport including: Trains, Cars, Helicopters, Aeroplanes, Boats, Submarines and Hot air balloons.


Whilst talking about air travel, one of the pupils stated that Mrs Maguire doesn’t like flying.


They showed us a game that they had played, the audience had to sort which vehicles went into which category; land, air, water and track!


Year 2 had a day when they could bring their bikes and scooters into school and ride them. They drew pictures of the day and took photos of them with their bikes and scooters. It looked like they had an amazing time!


After that they taught us about all of the features of a car, it included: the windows, the doors, the lights, the exhaust, the wheels and the bonnet. 


Finally they beautifully sang a song about travelling. Not only did they showed us an amazing performance they also won the attendance award.