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Switched Off Fortnight 2019


As part of Switched Off Fortnight, the children in years 1-6 took part in a 'no electricity afternoon'. This involved them completing a variety of challenges without the aid of mains electricity! The activities ranged from creating 'Black out art', to making a battery powered by lemons! Classes were mixed across the school, with years 3 and 5 working together, years 1 and 2 and years 4 and 6.


Half of years 3 and 5 had a great afternoon creating a board game, and they talked about how board games are a fun alternative to playing video games, as well as being a fab way to save electricity!


Year 2 also had great fun making 'black out artwork'. They worked really hard to colour a picture using wax crayons, then finished it off by 'washing' over their pictures with black paint, to create a black out effect!


Take a look for yourself!

Waste Week 2018


This year the children worked really hard to collect bottle tops, so they could be recycled in school. The children learnt about why recycling was important, and we looked at how we are helping the environment by recycling as much as we can, as often as we can!


Take a look at some of the things we created with the bottle tops we recycled!

Waste Week 2018