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20/08/29 Return to School - Letter from The Head Teacher

Stoke Primary School

Briton Road



Head Teacher





Mr M Ascroft

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29th August 2020


Dear Parents / Carers.


This letter is a summary of several key aspects of our return to school next week.



School reopens on Wednesday 2nd September to all our children from reception up to year 6.  The children will return to phase bubble groups.  An example being year 1 and 2 who will form a bubble of the 4 classes, the toilets, a set area of the playground and set times in the hall.



There are different rules for different countries.  If you have been to another country and recently returned to the UK you should have been told whether you must quarantine when you got back to the UK.   If you are not sure please phone school and we will check for you and then confirm whether your child can or cannot start school.  If you have been told to quarantine please make sure you follow all guidance as these rules are there to protect everyone.


Gates for entry and exit

Entry to school and exit from school will be through the same gate each day.  Parents are not allowed on to the school playground.  Staff teams will meet the children at the gates, line the children up and then lead them to school and their classrooms.


  • Reception – will enter/exit through the main entrance gate for school
  • Year 1 & 2 – will enter/exit through the normal gate on the pavement
  • Year 3 & 4 – will enter/exit through the lower staff carpark
  • Year 5 & 6 – will enter/exit through the small carpark near the main entrance



The hot meals service will be running as normal from the first day of term.  Children in Reception and Key Stage 1 who have been part of the Universal Free School Meal will be able to continue having their hot meal.  Older children can also buy hot meals if they wish through the normal school system.


Children who bring a packed lunch can bring their own box with their lunch in it.  This does not have to be disposable.  We will ask that all children put all rubbish back in to their boxes and bring it home.

We will be running the lunch hour on a rotation between the phases.  Between each phase the hall and tables will be cleaned.



It is important that we continue to grow our community and that communication between us is strong.  If you have messages that you need to share with school, Senior Leaders and the Learning Mentors will be about on the pavement each morning and after school. 


If you need to speak with the class teacher please email the school office using office@stoke.coventry.sch.uk and it will be forwarded to the teacher who will then contact you if necessary.  We can also take messages and pass them on to your child’s teacher from the gate.


If you need to speak with the school office, we ask that if possible you phone or email and the office team will get back to you quickly.



Children in Reception and Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 must bring their PE Kit to school and it will stay in school.  Year 5 and 6 have a different system and so must not bring their PE kit in to school.



Due to the bubble format, I am sorry that we are not able to run breakfast club before school.  As soon as rules change, we will reintroduce this important aspect of school.


We will continue to assess the rules and as soon as we can safely run after school clubs, we will write to you and reintroduce them. 


As school reopens and you all get used to the systems we have, confidence will grow.  We are continually reviewing new guidance and as things change we will adapt the school systems accordingly.


I look forward to seeing you all next week as we reopen and get back to our classrooms and the exciting lessons teachers have planned.


Kind Regards


Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher