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18th September 6JW Assembly


On the 18th September, 6JW had the pleasure of making and performing this year’s first Assembly about New beginnings. This assembly was so sudden as 6JW only had 2 weeks to make and practice the assembly. Could they do it in time?

The assembly was about new beginnings. They showed the school the different topics they did and told the school there feelings about starting their final year at Stoke Primary School. In their English and Theme topic they were learning about WW2 and in English 6JW read a book called 'The Lion And The Unicorn.' A boy name Lenny Levi was evacuated to the countryside during WW2.

 A pupil who read the book stated it was a fantastic book, which really showed the class a child during  WW2.

They got the idea of 'New Beginnings, from the book  they read. Lenny Levi starting a new Chapter in his life was a perfect coincidence of the children in Year 6.

 We asked a pupil who performed in the Assembly and he quoted. ''I liked it because there was a some acting and  lots of informative facts that the younger children would find cool''

Overall, the parents, teachers and younger children enjoyed the first assembly of the year and had a taster of the future Assemblys that would be shown at Stoke Primary School.


Written By Anton Das 6JW