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Year 4 trip to the Opel Coast, France in June 2017 – letter of interest

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7th July 2016


Dear Parents/Carers


Year 4 trip to the Opel Coast, France in June 2017 – letter of interest


We would like to provide the children with an exciting experience by taking them on an overnight trip to the Côte d’Opale in Northern France.


The trip will include a variety of activities, such as visiting a market and a treasure hunt, which will allow the children to immerse themselves in the language and culture of France while practising their French with native speakers.


As mentioned above, the children will spend one night in France. The group will travel on a coach, using the Eurotunnel. We would depart school early (approximate 6:30am) and return the following evening (approximately 10pm). More information will be provided nearer the time.


Cost: I have received a few quotes and the cost is coming in around £200 per child. However, this cannot be confirmed until I have the exact number of children who wish to take part in this wonderful experience.


As France is a different country, each child will require a passport. If your child does not have a passport you can purchase one online for £46 or use the Post Office service for £55.75. The cost of the passport is in addition to the cost of the trip.


The trip will take place in June 2017, you will be able to pay in instalments with the final payment due before the Easter break. More information will be provided nearer the time.


Please note: This trip is in addition to those that are planned as part of the learning that takes place in Year 4.


In order for this trip to go ahead, we need to ensure that parents/carers are willing to pay. Unfortunately, if sufficient replies are not received, the trip will not go ahead.


Yours sincerely


Miss Gregory


If you have any questions please speak to:


Mrs Brooker (3AN) or Miss Gregory (6SG)