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Year 4 trip to the Opel Coast, France in June 2017 - Deposit

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Dear Parents/Carers


Year 4 trip to the Opel Coast, France in June 2017 – Deposit


Further to the interest letter sent out in July, I am pleased to say the positive response has meant that the trip can go ahead!


The trip will include a variety of activities which will allow the children to immerse themselves in the language and culture of France while practising their French with native speakers.


I can confirm the dates for the trip are as follows:

Depart: Thursday 15th June 2017

Return: Friday 16th June 2017


I now require a non-refundable deposit of £40 to secure your child’s place. This deposit must be paid by Friday 30th September.


The final cost will be between £200 and £230. This will be confirmed when all deposits are paid and numbers are finalised.


As France is a different country, each child will require a passport. If your child does not have a passport you can purchase one online for £46 or use the Post Office service for £55.75. The cost of the passport is in addition to the cost of the trip.


Further details will follow before half-term.


Thank you,


Miss Gregory


If you have any questions please speak to:  Mrs Brooker (3SA) or Miss Gregory (6SG)


PLEASE RETURN BY Friday 30th September 2016


Name of child: ____________________________________                        Class:  ______


I enclose a deposit of £40 for my child to take part in the trip to the Opel Coast, France.

I understand that my child will require a passport.



Signed…………………………………………………                                           Date…………