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Trucks and Child Safety November 2014

Vital road safety messages were brought to life for pupils at Stoke Primary School, Coventry on 19th November 2014 with the arrival of a DAF solid body truck.


The vehicle was reversed onto the school car park to help deliver the Trucks and Child Safety (TACS) programme - an award winning, national road safety scheme run by the DHL UK Foundation.


During the session youngsters learned about road safety and the dangers posed by trucks including:

  • What the driver can or can’t see in the mirrors.
  • Truck dimensions.
  • How loud the engine is.
  • What and where the vehicle’s blind spots are.
  • How difficult it is for a driver inside the cab to hear a child.
  • To stay well back, particularly when a vehicle is turning left at a junction.
  • How to stay safe around the vehicle and where to stand on the pavement
  • What a child should do if their football rolls under a truck.
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