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Stoke Park L6 Maths - Letter to parents - 16/01/15


16th January 2015


Dear Parents,


We have great pleasure in informing you of an exciting Level 6 Maths club at Stoke Park School. This club was started last year and will be run by a group of Maths teachers at Stoke Park School.


The club will commence on Tuesday 10th February 2015 at 3.30pm until 4.15pm and continue every Tuesday with the final session taking place on Tuesday 28th April 2015. The time of the club does mean that you will have to collect your child from school promptly at 3.15pm or give permission for them to walk to Stoke Park unaccompanied. You will also be required to collect your child from Stoke Park School after the sessions or give permission for them to walk home unaccompanied.


Places for this are limited so we will need the reply slips returned to Miss Gregory by Friday 30th January 2015 so that we can confirm your child has secured a place in the club.


A range of mathematical topics will be covered such as; area (including circles), sequences (finding the nth term), converting fractions and percentages, and averages.


Furthermore, all the students who attend the Level 6 Maths Club will be invited to participate in a Junior Maths Challenge Competition at Stoke Park School on Thursday, 25th June, 2015. Further details about the completion will be provided in April, 2015.


Yours Sincerely


Miss Gregory

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