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Primary Sports Grant Funding 2018 - 19

Primary Sport Grant Funding Academic Year 2018/2019

The government is continuing to provide additional funding to improve the provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools for the 2018/2019 academic year. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools.

The Grant is made up of two parts: a lump sum of £16,000 per annum (double previous years) plus an additional sum of £10 per pupil (again double the amount for previous years).  The pupil element is based on the numbers of pupils on roll for each day of the academic year. Based on the school census data the allocation for the financial year is £19,490.

As in previous years the Grant will be used to extend, support and enhance our school’s PE provision and this year the main focus has been on increasing participation in sporting events across the city and improved after school provision.

Last year we were invited to submit a bid to FA/Sport England for a Junior AWP and changing rooms costing approx. £110k.  As part of the bid we were expected to make a contribution so earmarked some the additional funding. We were short listed to be one of the 8 pilot schools across the UK in January 2018, but unfortunately were not successful. However, we are confident that we will be successful when the scheme is rolled out so have carried the amount forward and have earmarked further funds from this year to enhance our contribution to any future bid.





Intended Outcomes

Impact and Evidence


PE Coordinators Meetings



Make links with other PE Coordinators, agencies and organisations

Keep up to date with current developments and future events

* Arrange matches with other schools

* Participation in workshops

* School is aware of any local and national initiatives concerning PE

*Training for new school games activities

We have entered a wider range of competitions this year and have had training and coaching for these competitions.


We have been able to establish links within our area and have organised and participated in competitions/matches with these schools.



Specialist Sports Coach for outdoor PE provision and staff coaching & mentoring



Develop skills of staff to deliver the PE curriculum effectively

To build up school teams & increase participation in competitions

* Upskill staff for delivery of PE curriculum

* Develop coaching and make links with other skills

* Develop links with other organisations

*Competition practice to improve the profile of sport within school


Teachers have made it clear that they are more confident following CPD sessions with a sports coach.


Competition results have improved dramatically due to additional practice.


Runs after school clubs and training sessions


After School clubs



Widen the scope of extra-curricular PE

* Deliver a great range of sports and greater number of children participating

*To deliver afterschool clubs that we are not able to offer within normal PE lessons

Numbers of children attending after school clubs has risen which has resulted in the children being engaged in at least 30 minutes of activity per day.

Now running additional after school clubs each day including i.e. archery, golf

Almost all children questioned have made it clear that they are more enthusiastic about the range of sports that are offered.



Participation in external sporting competitions



Transport hire, entrance fees etc

* School fields teams in Coventry school competitions – Netball, Tag rugby, Rounders, football, rowing and athletics etc.

* Children have opportunity to represent school at different competitions linked to PE curriculum

Children are experiencing a wide range of competitive sports that they would not be otherwise able to participate in within school.

Participation in interschool competitive sport has risen by 25%. Children have participated in football, netball, athletics, gymnastics & rowing competitions.



School Games



Raise the profile of sport within school.

To develop competition across school and into the community.

*To compete in a wider range of competitions

*Increased number of participants in interschool competitions.

Children have engaged with the school games. We now have a sports crew and they have mentioned that ‘it is great to organise sports events.’

Through these intra-school competitions the profile of sport has improved as each child has the opportunity to participate in organised competition.





Purchase of minibus and the contribution to the costs for transport to competitions 

* As above


* As above


Contribution to All weather playing surface


Contribution to All Weather surface.

* This will enhance our bid to the FA/Sport England for a Junior AWP and changing rooms costing approx. £110k. 

A willingness to utilise some of the increased funding received this (and previous) year to contribute to the cost of this project will greatly improve our chances of a successful bid. An AWP will greatly enhance our sport provision for years to come.