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6th September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers


Year 4 trip to the Opel Coast, France in June 2018


As you may remember, in June 2017, I took a group of year 4 children on an enriching and successful trip to France. This is an experience I wish to provide to all Year 4 children.


Prior to the summer holiday you received a letter with the following costings for this year’s trip:

Cost for 20 children: £382 per child

Cost for 30 children: £270 per child


Those who are eligible for the pupil premium funding will receive a discount.

The trip is jointly organised with PGL and so the children will have a range of language focused activities and stay in accommodation specifically built for school visits. https://www.pgl.co.uk/en-gb/school-trips/primary-schools/centres/le-pre-catelan


Before the summer holiday, I requested a £30 deposit for those who wish to take park in this amazing experience. I have received a positive response, and would like to thank those who have already paid the deposit.


Please be advised that if we do not have at least 20 children the trip will be cancelled. As the school will make this cancellation, your deposit will be refunded.


If you have already paid the £30 deposit, please make an instalment of £30 by 20th September 2017


If you wish for your child to take part in this exciting opportunity, and have not paid the deposit then please pay a non-refundable deposit of £30 plus £30 as the first instalment, therefore, £60 will need to be paid by 20th September.


As France is a different country, each child will require a free EHIC medical card and a passport. If your child does not have a passport you can purchase one online for £46 or use the Post Office service for £55.75. The cost of the passport is in addition to the cost of the trip.


I can confirm the dates for the trip are as follows:

Depart: Wednesday 6th June 2018

Return: Friday 8th June 2018


The final cost will be confirmed when all deposits are paid and numbers are finalised. You will be able to pay in instalments, with the final payment due before the Easter break 2018.


Please note: This trip is in addition to those that are planned as part of the learning that takes place in Year 4.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to me.


Yours sincerely


Miss Gregory




PLEASE RETURN BY Wednesday 20th September 2017


Name of child: ____________________________________ Class: _____




I would like my child to take part in the trip to the Opel Coast, France and enclose a deposit of £60.



           I have paid the deposit and enclose an instalment of £30.



           I understand that my child will require a passport.



Signed………………………………………………… Date…………